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  • New Patients: $200 up to 120 min.

  • Acupuncture Return Patients: $90*/60 min. (*prepaid package pricing for multiple sessions can be arranged.) 

  • Herbal Consult Return Appointments: $150/60-90 min.

  • Supplement testing: $50 (If a new patient, you must book ONLY as a new patient for this service) 

  • Shiatsu/Meridian Therapy/Acupressure: $150-$200 (90min./120 min.)

  • Bemer Device: $20/20-30 min. (package pricing available)

  • Herbal formula average: $72-121

  • Telemedicine HIPAA-protected online video (or phone) herbal consult: Pricing same as above


Health Insurance/HSA savings plans:

While most health insurance plans do not reimburse for any supplements or herbal therapies, some do cover acupuncture for outside providers. Please find out if you are covered and we will provide a coded superbill for you. 

FSA/HSA Plans do offer some coverage for sessions and some even cover the herbal formulas depending on your company's individual policies.

Payment: All major credit cards are accepted. Checks with driver's license number or cash are acceptable forms of reimbursement as well. Electronic payment options such as Venmo are accepted. 

Cancellation of Appointment: At times we cannot make a scheduled appointment and that is understandable. However, please provide at least 24-48 hours through phone call, or email in order to not be charged for the session. Same week appointment reschedules are encouraged if an appointment cannot be kept. 

Texting: Please inform the office if you prefer not being texted. We will opt you out of texting upon scheduling.

Day of appointment: Due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, a mask or double mask is encouraged. PLEASE try to leave all belongings at home or in the car. Only bring what you need to show the practitioner. PLEASE only one person at a time in the office. 

Questions and conversation during the appointment

While we will be chatting at first to get to the root of your health concerns, long and involved off-topic conversations are not encouraged. The treatments work best with silence. And the practitioner requires as much quiet as possible in order to obtain accurate readings of tongue, pulse and other necessary elements related to the  medicine.  You will have completed your medical history online already. There will be a chance to ask some questions, but anything that cannot be covered within the provided timeframe on the day of the appointment must be discussed via email or text at a later time. 


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